Château de Béru

Château de Béru
Chablis, France
Importer: Champagnier

The Béru family has owned the historical Château de Béru domain for 400 years. Until the philloxera crisis, when all the vines were uprooted, at the beginning of the 20th century, the domain used to rely solely on the wine for its revenues. It was only in 1987, that the Comte Éric de Béru, out of passion for wine, undertook to replant the entire vineyard, and in particular, the famous Clos Béru.

His wife, Laurence and their daughter Athénaïs are now running the domain. They have invested considerable means to improve the production quality and give a fresh start to the domain. These tremendous efforts and the choice to adopt organic farming are beginning to bear fruits, and are noticeable in the vintages that have been vinified by Athénais and her team since 2004. The Béru vineyard is nested on the slopes of the Chablis Grand Cru foothills. It is rooted in history and in the greatest traditions of Burgundy wines. The Château de Béru encloses a unique piece of terroir within the great Chablis region: the Clos Béru. It owes its name to the 13th Century Wall that surrounds the parcel. Other remarkable parcels, located in the finest Chablis terroirs and Premiers Crus complete the domain’s vineyards.

Like all northern vineyards, Chablis is exposed to mildew and odium. Rather than resort to systemic pesticides that dissolve into the vine sap that feed the grapes, the Château de Béru team has chosen to adopt organic farming since 2005 and started a conversion to biodynamy in 2011. It requires a careful observation of symptoms in the parcels, the parsimonious use of natural elements, such as sulphur, natural plants to protect the vineyard and increase its natural defences. First initiated in the Clos Béru, the biodynamic farming techniques are progressively extended to the entire domain vineyards.