Métaphore Natural Beers

Métaphore Natural Beers
Prague, Czechia

Métaphore is my personal story of cultivating the lost senses of magic and poetry around us while looking at the world with fresh eyes. It’s an introspective beer journey that is deeply rooted in my local terroir of the Czech Republic and timeless traditions of beer- and winemaking.

In each of my beers, I strive to bring a touch of poetry, a sense of wonder, and a sense of magic into the world. They are my thoughtful expressions of time and place, driven by my constant cultivation of what it means to be authentic and beautiful.

These principles have led me to produce beers exclusively from what grows and coexists around me. Beer as it used to be: a product of a place and its people, with the graceful help of time. Defined not only by the seasons they rest in wooden barrels and the use of local organic ingredients but also by a common sensibility and restraint.

Most of Métaphore’s beers undergo spontaneous fermentation or use our own farmhouse yeast culture, cultivated over the years. Usually, they are aged in wooden barrels for extended periods—ranging from one to three years, or occasionally even longer. I firmly believe that the use of spontaneous or native fermentation captures the essence of the elusive concept of beer “terroir” and its inseparable authenticity. This is why the majority of Métaphore beers are crafted this way.