Camporeale, Italy

Valdibella is a community of growers who share the same vision: to express the best side of their territory, to offer their best production and to give their best for young people in difficulties. Valdibella: a unique and sustainable project where all human and natural resources find their real development.

Today this project is more alive than ever : let’s discover it together.

Gioacchino Accardo
«We believe in the Valdibella project because we all have the same way of facing things, we all firmly believe in organic. We have a global view, we all respect the planet and agriculture. We feel good together. We share the same vision from a social and environmental point of view.»

Massimiliano Solano
«We wanted to win a group of farmers for our project in order to produce, process and commercialise our products directly without passing by a third party.»
Luigi Montalbano
«The values of Valdibella are unique ,this project goes far beyond production. It represents a social model, an added value respecting nature and the individual. It is also a new approach of the trading system.»