Hager Matthias

Winzer Hager Matthias
Kamptal, Austria
Importer: Veltlin

Profound, full of character and specific – this is not only a description of Matthias Hager´ s wines but also of the winemaker himself. Starting very early with viticulture, Matthias Hager had already much experience at the age of 27. This was when he began to look for new ways to get best quality, as well as preserving the nature. His considerations brought him inevitably to organic or at least to biodynamic cultivation ( Demeter certification).

Keeping a natural balance in the vineyard, having much understanding for the plants and insects, spontaneous fermentation and making wine with little additives are the logical consequences. Then the wine has plenty of time to mature before it gets bottled.

Today, the company includes about 12,5 ha of vineyards around the small wine-growing village Mollands. The strength of the family business is its diversity. The Kamptal exists of different kinds of soil – from loess, loam, clay to different varieties of primary rock. Matthias knows well how to use this diversity for his wines and therefore he began to differentiate his assortment in a blue line, a brown line and a red line.

Matthias Hager is member of DEMETER, the international association of biodynamic farmers, which has currently the strongest rules in viniculture.