Víno Měřínský

Víno Měřínský
Vranovice, Moravia, Czechia

In our winery, we strive for gentle processing of grapes with a minimum of interventions. Our red and most white wines are aged in oak barrels to obtain the best characteristics. Maceration on the skins, subsequent malolactic fermentation and long aging on lees can produce a wine with a unique taste. The result is a wine with a lower total sulfur content.
In addition to the quality of the wine, we also focus on the health of our vineyards. The old vineyard we take care of is located in the Hustopeče cadastre in the Stráná vineyard line and was planted in 1980. Here we carefully monitor the growth of the grapes and here too we try to do as little as possible to the vineyard in order to preserve its natural character.
In 2024, we are planning to plant a young vineyard directly on our home land in Vranovice, close to the Hájek forest. The soil here is sandy loamy, with sandy loam and very fine loess as the base.
Our annual production is limited to three thousand bottles. Therefore, you can be sure that each bottle is carefully crafted.