Goriška brda, Slovenia

In the heart of Goriška Brda, in a picturesque village of Snežatno, the members of the Štekar family maintain and create centuries-long tradition of winemaking.

Brda is a region where vine has special conditions for growth. Nature gives us soil full of minerals, the coastal sun nicely shines on vine berries and wind brings some Mediterranean and Alpine breeze. Ideal conditions for vine.

We believe that nature gives us as much as we give it back. That is why we want to give our vine natural conditions with minimum intervention into its growing process. We treat it with natural sprays so we are classified as BIO winemakers. Grapes as well as wines are certified as BIO products.

In the vineyard grapes is live so it has to be treated as a living creature. Wine in the bottle is live too so each bottle is different and something special. In the wine cellar traditional methods of cellaring are used. As in the vineyard minimum interventions are taken with must or wine.

In our house the pioneer of winemaking was great-grandfather Emil who taught his son Roman everything about manufacturing methods and cellaring. Roman took over the farm and introduced tourism and accomodation besides winemaking business. The present owner is Jure, Roman’s younger son, who took over the business in 2012. Since then freshness of youthful enthusiasm and daring have been felt. Wines have reached top quality. At the moment our vineyards cover 10 h but our wish is to expand and increase their capacities.